When someone has hit a certain age where they can start applying for a mobility scooter
Omg you are old as fuck
by Hodge87 December 07, 2013
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The Old Fashioned Fuck, also known as the "O.F.F.", is a simple missionary position fuck between a man and a women, just like they used to do in the olden times. Also, is known to be the nicest way one can fuck a girl, and the most gentleman-like.
Todd: Hey Barry, I can't believe you fucked my wife last night, what kind of a friend are you?

Barry: Nah it's okay, I gave her the old fashioned fuck.

Todd: Oh LAWL, I thought we were going to have a problem.
by Schasty McNasty October 04, 2008
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Someone deemed too old to have fun, and, or relations with of a sexual manner.
Billy: Oh man, check her ass out.
Fred: Dude, come on, she is clearly TOTF (Too Old To Fuck). Why don't you try finding one a decade younger.
by bigsoprano November 29, 2009
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look at that old fuck over there, he's gotta be at LEAST 102.
by beckydoo January 21, 2009
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An old fellow who has alot more to him than you think. A continued long stager of the fuckery personality aswell. Alot different to an old fart who just wishes to grow old and just exist instead of living.
by JohnJohnboy June 25, 2010
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when your fuck a person that is over 60 years old. like your grandmother or an old babysitter or something.
Person 1: dude i fucked our babysitter.
Person 2: dude she was in her 60s.
Person 1: we were in LOVE!!!!
Person 2: haha you had an old fuck.
by bearded abe March 05, 2005
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