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A town in Michigan where all the hot people live in. Home of the Okemos Chieftains. The defenition of hot.
Ikr, that's cuz theire from Okemos
by Litttle birdie February 18, 2011
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a mountain where rich people go to sit in the lodge and scummies try to be cool,
a good place to escape from overrated lives of drama filled immature dick heads,
all around a fairly fun place to be
I get very small paychecks from working at Okemo.
by anonymous January 11, 2005
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Rich Suburb of Lansing. Home of Okemos Chieftons! Many go on to either University of Michigan or Michigan State!
by DREKEER June 23, 2005
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often called pokemos, it is a small town full of rich children, very rich
nik lives in okemos and he is rich, he also plays pokemon
by Paul Cain April 23, 2007
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A suburb of Lansing, Michigan; residents consider themselves 'wealthy' and present themselves as such (despite a quite-typical 100k/yr average family income).
I'm from Okemos, my daddy bought me a brand new Toyota Corolla for a graduation present after I finished my BA in communications from Michigan St! Like, I feel like that makes me super rich.
by OkemosLulz April 05, 2011
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Okemos is A town 15 minutes outside of Lansing
Everyone who lives here thinks it is rich but Okemos is poor compared to Fairfield County Connecticut
by Okemosisn'trich October 01, 2005
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Rich town in Michigan which fellow Michiganders look down on and think is snotty. It's not very exciting to hang out in. It's full of rich daddies and douche prep school kids who all get Porsches for their 16 birthdays...many of which are named Ben.
Person: i'm from okemos
person 2: that explains why everyone hates you!
by a2boi April 29, 2013
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