Multi purpose expression. it can be used to show amazement, pain, or excitement.
Rick: "I just found fifty dollars!!!!"

Steve: " Ohhh!!! "
by Nando the wise February 27, 2007
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Ohhh is a word when your angry, happy or excited
Angry: ohhh!
Happy ohhh,my god
Excited: ohhh this is going to be good
by Jalia🥰 January 25, 2019
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An expression of randyness, usually a faked female orgasm - beacause your bored as hell of fucking and want to watch neigbours instead...
she came off with a loud 'ohh' and grabbed the remote controll.
by rar February 7, 2004
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When a dog jumps on your crotch and the only sound you can make is oh.
by Wordcub December 4, 2019
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Words said when someone is extremely distressed and must express themselves in a loud manner. Spoken in a threatening tone to incite fear.
Joe throws Evelyn into a thorn bush.

Evelyn: 'ohhh OHHH !!!!'

Joe: 'Calm down.'
by RickAstley0 September 26, 2011
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From Arizona, John Ohhh (short for John O'Callaghan),
is an extremely attractive & sexy member of the male
gender who sings for the amazing pop-punk/ alternative band, The Maine.
At a Maine concert you will hear fans screaming "John OHHH!"
by ILTM CSWS April 1, 2009
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A phrase used when you are done rompin the cheeks of a girl, also it can be used when you a galiantly walkin down the hall and you approve of something with great enthusiasm. People use "Ohhh Yuppp" to express a sense of accomplishment or just to piss of dumb Gwedos!! Ohhh Yuppp is a stylistic phrase that can be used in many situations.

That phrase must be used by someone with experience.

It is pronouced (ooo, yaaup)
Person 1: "dude did you romp (girl name)'s cheeks last night"

That Guy: "Ohhh Yuppp"
by jebus the ginga March 20, 2009
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