A pop/punk/indie band that has changed many music lovers view on music. The band's lyrics are legit. Many listeners can relate to the music. Their music is just amazing. It's really just a lifestyle to many fans. Also the band members are the sweetest people you can meet. This Is Real Life.
Fan 1: I went to Warped Tour yesterday and I finally met all the boys in The Maine! And their set was amazing!
Fan 2: Lucky!
Fan 1: All the boys took the time to talk to me and get pictures, even though Johno was getting swarmed
Fan 2: Awww
Fan 1: Yeah but it was one of the best days of my life. Thanks to those boys and their music.
by cherae September 10, 2009
An Arizona based indie/pop/rock band that consists of 5 members: John O'Callaghan(vocals), Kennedy Brock(vocals/guitar), Pat Kirch(drums), Jared Monaco(guitar), and Garrett Nickelsen(bass). These guys are the most nicest guys you will ever meet in your life. They love to party and have a great time. This group of guys have true love for music unlike other bands. You can find these guys touring around the United States singing their recently debuted album "Can't Stop Won't Stop".

CAUTION: May randomly burst into randomness!
Tessa: Audrey, do you any good music?
Audrey: YES! You should listen to The Maine! They are freaking amazing!
Tessa: Really? I'll check them out!
by aud_dizzle January 25, 2009
ahh! the maine is like, the best emo-pop band ever to be featured in AP magazine! (i have their ads framed on my closet door. They are REALLY REALLY REALLY good. plus, theyre adorable! how can you not love adoralbe lil anorexic gangsta scene indie pop bois?! theyre amazing beyond beleif, and if you havent heard them, go to itunes, buy the E.P ! its called "the way we talk" AND for you more ghetto-lovin rap dudes, they do a cover of akon's "i wanna love you." which, if i may add, is WAYAAYAYWYYAYAYAAYY better than the original. :D
if you like:
all time low
mayday parade
cobra starship
we the kings
you will love them <3
brandi: omg guys, doesnt this just SCREAM 'cute is what we aim for immitation?' *holds up the maine's ad*
briana: yeah, it does, but hey theyre cute.
brandi: deffinately. im so getting their EP today when i get home *grins dorkily*
brandi: omg,t he maines cd is freaking amazing, i love it. i went home and made like 200 copies to pass out to kids on the street <3
briana: you know thats illegal, right?
brandi: yeah, but i dont care because, TEH MAINE WILL BLOW YA SOCKS OFF FOOL!
listen to em.
by wasabiiii January 20, 2008
An emo band consisting of five members: John O'Callaghan (vocals), Kennedy Brock (guitar), Jared Monaco (guitar), Garrett Nickelsen (bass), and Pat Kirch (drums). This Arizona emo group has been signed to labels like Fearless previously but have always dreamed of being completely independent. They now have their own label called "8123" that is more than just their record label. 8123 is a family says The Maine; for everyone who supports the band is called part of the 8123 family who come together and support one another. p
The Maine is my favorite band!
by stand_up_and_scream May 12, 2019
Your favorite character to use in any fighting video game would be your “main
Aiden: eww, your main is ness
Henery: of course it is
by Slang.com773 March 13, 2020
tiktok trend when you post something on your main snapchat that would typically go on your private story with the caption “main it” these pictures are usually following an alt aesthetic
Chloe: Take a picture of me through the backup camera
Rylie: Ok I’ll main it
by Ryles April 1, 2021
Maine can be expensive but few states have the luxury of living so close to nature. Yeah we have rednecks but at least our noses aren't so high up in the air we can't touch the ground. I've never known anyone to marry their cousin or have kids with them up here...but I guess it would be like some people to stereotype.
Maine is probably safer than the state you live in...and definitely more beautiful.
by optimusprime09 January 16, 2009