Small Town on Wiltshire/Dorset/Somerset border. To say somebody comes from Mere implies they are a Mutant/Inbred.
Random 1 - "Oh, my friend comes from Mere."
Random 2 - "Have they got three legs?"
Random 1 - " No, but their uncle is also their Father...."
by DrQui September 6, 2006
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A word that introduces the next chapter in a thundercats episode; Onomatopoeia.
"*Mere Mere Meeereeee* Oh no, Jackie has a tumor in her brain"
by Fitzgeraldo October 30, 2007
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It's 'merely' for the time being
It's 'merely' a stepping stone to getting there
by LDNStudent September 9, 2013
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When referencing a number, it must be no more than 500.
by mbeckman July 13, 2010
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A word originally meaning "come here". It definition has expanded to also cover "get over here", "give me" or "gimme", and "want" or "I want".

The word "mere" is normally used in conjunction with an opening and closing of ones hand with the palm facing up, in a "come here" or "gimme" fashion, similar to what a child would do when wanting something.

It also can be combined with right meow to emphasize.

It originates from the incorrect pronunciation/combination of "come here". It was created by a young child just learning how to talk.
A child wanting his father to come over to him, while opening and closing his hand at him: "Mere!"

Trying to get the bartender's attention at a bar: "Mere, right meow!"

Man wanting his woman to come to the bedroom for some late night activities, with hand gesture: "Mere!"

Woman wanting a hit off of her man's cigarette, with the opening and closing of her hand directed at the cigarette: "Mere!"
by nvodka September 24, 2009
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