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1. the perfect ending to a conversation when something is proven wrong or topped with something better, often followed by a see?!, said dramatically unless you are boring.
2. a word followed by a ? used when one is confused often said with a silent moment followed, normally in a whisper or mumble.
Joe:Colorful candy
Tom: No, colorful candy that tastes yummy.
Joe: NO!, colorful cnady that tastes yummy is packages iwith fancy tophats on and dances around when you say pickles. OH-now!

by maddieandhercrazyselfxDDDD April 03, 2011
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"Nows" originated when I, Tollie had a sinus ache once. It was so excruciating, when I tried to type "ow, my nose!" it came out as "Oh, my nows!"

Then as I was talking to my friend Kylie, she began saying "oh noes." Since "noes" is totes not as cool as "nows" I said, "OH NOWS!!" and I have been saying it ever since.
Tootles: The world just blew up!!
Tollie: Oh nows!!!
by Tollie January 20, 2005
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