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Originated when I, Tollie, wrote a bunch of conversations on my GJ (randomly). I created Person A and Person B, who are not really all that different and thus have disorders in which they think they have no personalities and they sob all the time. Person C has a personality, however - an awesomely insane one. Person C randomly shouts out "BWAHAHAHAHA I AM PERSON C!!!!" at random intervals whenever it is mentioned. Person C is a role model to many people, including myself.
Tollie: What would be a good name for our band?
Tootles: OMP!!! We should totally name it after Person C as a tribute!!
by Tollie December 30, 2004
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"Nows" originated when I, Tollie had a sinus ache once. It was so excruciating, when I tried to type "ow, my nose!" it came out as "Oh, my nows!"

Then as I was talking to my friend Kylie, she began saying "oh noes." Since "noes" is totes not as cool as "nows" I said, "OH NOWS!!" and I have been saying it ever since.
Tootles: The world just blew up!!
Tollie: Oh nows!!!
by Tollie January 20, 2005
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Like OMG it is an exclamation used when having an online conversation. However while OMG stands for "Oh my god", OMP stands for "Oh My Pete", which means about the same thing, as Pete Doherty is God.
Tollie: OMP!!!! I loves Pete!!!
by Tollie December 30, 2004
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Roughly translated as "The clique that loves the letter k, which is not caught easily." The name of an imaginary band that would be real if we all lived together.
Person A: Have you heard of that awesome band, the Coterie of the Elusive Letter, K?
Person B: No.
Person C: They don't really exist... but they would if the Coterie lived in the same country. BWAHAHAHAHAHA I AM PERSON C!!!!!
by Tollie December 30, 2004
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Originated when Tollie (I) was obsessed completely with A Series of Unfortunate Events. Tootles and I were using the Sebald Code in our online journals - I wrote a small, extremely odd script about two people in a boxing ring. The male commented on how it was the perfect place to box, and the female said why yes, much better than a tree or a large barn with the elusive letter K on it.

That is the origination of the elusive letter K - it is used when someone says something, and the other person replies k. The example shows this.
Tootles: brb
Tollie: k
Tollie: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Tootles: back
Tootles: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ELUSIVE LETTER K
by Tollie December 25, 2004
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