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Military acronym for Battle Dress Uniform. Also called fatigues.
Wearing BDUs allows soldiers to blend into the tropical jungle (but prove useless in the urban jungle).
by Cassandra September 16, 2004

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Japanese theatre where only men were allowed to act, even female roles, until ban was recently lifted. Invented in order to allow peasants a theatre of their own, as going to nobles' theatre would result in either having their eyes gouged out or their ears ripped off. Performed in poses rather than fluid action. Often very depressing.
I wanted to see a kabuki production, but it's so expensive and I don't speak old-fashioned Japanese.
by Cassandra March 30, 2005

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To sense foul play.
Susan claims that she will honor our previous agreements, but I smell a rat.
by Cassandra August 31, 2003

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a description of spongebob squarepants by an old lady fish in the movie. could also be used as a general derogetory term.
Mum you wont pick me up? jesus you're a knucklehead mcspazzatron!
by Cassandra February 14, 2005

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A kid word for "fish"
OMG! Look at that fishy!
by Cassandra February 26, 2003

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A female spirit that rapes men in their sleep.
by Cassandra March 03, 2003

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Someone who abuses themselves or like to be abused; finds pleasure in pain.
Spank ME! It feels SO good....
by Cassandra February 17, 2004

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