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Someone who abuses themselves or like to be abused; finds pleasure in pain.
by Cassandra February 17, 2004
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Japanese theatre where only men were allowed to act, even female roles, until ban was recently lifted. Invented in order to allow peasants a theatre of their own, as going to nobles' theatre would result in either having their eyes gouged out or their ears ripped off. Performed in poses rather than fluid action. Often very depressing.
I wanted to see a kabuki production, but it's so expensive and I don't speak old-fashioned Japanese.
by Cassandra March 30, 2005
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The Best v/t on E/SC/NL he is unbeatable 1v1 and his acct is *Izlude77714

hes Real Good Looking

and... I am in Love with him :o
Rappy has joined our world diablo's minions grow stronger.
Franklin: oh muh GOSH! its Rappy wtf
/f m Help its Rappy
Franklin was Slain by Rappy
by Cassandra November 4, 2004
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1.something to say after being insulted/insulting someone
2.something to yell out randomly
3.something to say when you don't understand something. Usually follows "your face" and "your mom".
Dude 1: (to innocent bystander) Your MOM!
Dude 2: Oh, WHAT NOW!!!
Dude 1: I saw your mom at Wally World shopping for your birthday present!
Dude 2: Oh, WHAT NOW!!!
Dude 1: Yeah, your face is so gay it takes 3 trucks!!
Dude 2: Oh, WHAT NOW...!
by Cassandra February 1, 2005
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Military acronym for Battle Dress Uniform. Also called fatigues.
Wearing BDUs allows soldiers to blend into the tropical jungle (but prove useless in the urban jungle).
by Cassandra September 16, 2004
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Clothing, that is so popular that you can't find your own size in any store at any time. Stores are full of chicks though.
Do they make size 36 and over?
by Cassandra March 24, 2004
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ha,all the grils won the bet and all of the boys lost, GRABD!!!!!!!!!
by Cassandra December 21, 2004
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