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One of the most consuming games you could ever play.

I purchased an HTC Vive so I could play VR games. I read about VRChat, and decided to download it.
The next month and a half consisted of me playing VRChat nonstop with little to no sleep. My sleep schedule was so fucked up, that sometimes I had spasms while I was playing. It was like a drug. I couldn't stop. I dedicated myself to creating avatars for this game, and ended up only ever turning on my computer to play it. I felt like I was going insane. I had lost all of my friends because I never left the house and only ever played this game. It felt like a whole other world that I was living in. My reality was no longer my real life, but instead VRChat.
Dear god do not ever download this if you want to keep your sanity.
I'm gonna go hop on VRChat for a bit and check out Gaia Night and meet some new friends.
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by deceasedpixel May 16, 2018
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The place where you'll either have the most fun or the most annoying time of you life.
VR Chat was never the same after the Ugandan invasion.
by Yote_Maestro May 31, 2018
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Vrchat the type of cancer you like to go to when you want to feel some what social. It mostly consists of lollies and pedophile's if you want to get freaky with some anime chick Vrchat is the place for you
by thenice_guy December 17, 2017
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A Free V R Early Access PC Game where a bunch of 20 year old virgins and a bunch of horny autistic weeb 8 year olds play as an avataras an anime girl or that fucking awful monstrosity called Ugandan Knuckles
vrchat is an awful game, that's all
by blackmemeycuzz2 May 10, 2018
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The worst fucking game to exist. It reminds me that there will always a reason to die.

-4/10 Burn me with fire
John: Hey, have you played VRchat?
Mike: No, have you?
John: Yeah, it's pre-
by Derpy Dude February 06, 2018
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Game with no plot, sometimes spammed with Ugandan echidnas.
VR Chat is cancer.
by Kenton Makings November 01, 2018
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