OLD FUCKING NEWS; When somebody shares an image, link, video etc on the internet that has been viral for several years and they treat it like some new discovery.
"Hey check out this silly picture of a cat asking for a cheeseburger!"

"...OFN bro."
by m4d_m3l December 12, 2013
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Out fucking nowhere, a place that cannot be found on a map.
Where does your grandma live? - I don't know, OFN.
by Adamned August 02, 2007
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one fifty ninth street. a term designating the loosely formed collective on that block.
ofn. oh, this week ofn is playing down at the fields.
by JasonShmayson August 17, 2006
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Oh fucked now. To be used in times of extreme duress. If you're car stalls on train tracks with a train coming, you say ofn.
"My car's stalled on train tracks, and there's a TRAIN COMING! OFN"
by .mike November 25, 2006
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