adjectival phrase referring to someone who used to be (or generally is) fit and active, but who has been engaged in a prolonged period of sloth.
"Hey dude, LW's at 4'--wanna boat?"

"I don't know... I'm kind of off the couch. Maybe we should just go to the Truss."
by DudebroLunger May 1, 2010
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to be depressed after being happy or excited. Refer to ‘jump the couch’.
The boy was informed that he passed the exam; but when he came to know later that he had actually failed, he fell off the couch (past form of fall off the couch).
by uttam maharjan July 4, 2012
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The ultimate way to tell someone to get the fuck out and go fuck themselves for being a total asshole.
Game Ender
( At a party on a ship and gets purposely thrown overboard by someone else)
Guy who threw you: You have a nice swim?
by Illiterate banshee March 8, 2017
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squating in front of the couch leaning back with your forearms resting on the seat cushions and then mounting your old lady dog style and using the couch as pushin leverage, has nothing to do with staring angrily at someone
me and my old lady was mad doggin it off the couch and brother let me tell you it was great!!
by the randyman January 16, 2010
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A phrase simaler to "Get off your high horse."

Said to someone apologizing who is only doing so to put on a show for the public, rather than because they genuinely regret their actions.

Original coined by the Youtube channel "Observe" when referring to Jeffree Star, who made a public apology whilst sitting pretentiously on a golden couch, showing off his wealth to a large audience.
Sure, I'll believe him when he gets off his golden couch.

Oh, you must be so sorry, sitting on that golden couch of yours.

This is such clear BS. Get off your golden couch!
by MyNameMeansLion August 31, 2020
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A form of saying that means you are really mad or really excited.
by Jakob Rodriguez December 3, 2020
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