Truss means that the person agrees with what you are saying. Truss is another word for trust. No one knows why this version is better but it just is.
For example:
Person 1: I hate this food
Person 2: Truss, it is awful
by TwiSTeDxSkullZz July 20, 2018
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True dat or the shortened form of the word trust.
Ohhh Truss!
I truss yo' opinion.
by Miiiiiiiiiiiinnie June 15, 2010
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Truss is a sexy smart girl who is never scared to do anything when u first meet her she may seem nice but when I get to know her she might have that little attitude with u just don’t get on mad or get on her bad side because underneath all that meanis is a sensitive Girls that’s loving
Truss had a attitude with me today but that’s ok
by Money_is_my_life_22 November 15, 2018
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Trust (me).
I got bare nang skunk blud, truss.
by LBU November 8, 2003
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it means tied down, like you're busy doin somethin.

or held in, like too much 211 in your bladder.
"i was gonna step over here earlier but i got trussed up by my lady"


"i jive gotta piss before we step and it can't be trussed"
by deftoned January 5, 2006
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noun: (medical) a bandage consisting of a pad and belt; worn to hold a hernia in place by pressure and to hinder further protrusion.

verb (1): to tie the legs and arms of a person before engaging in sexual intercourse. ("I trussed up the dolly mop before turning her on to me three card trick.)
(2): to secure with or as if with ropes. ("'Truss up the S&M students,' Fanny ordered.")
(3): to take fast hold of; to seize and hold firmly; to pounce upon. obsolete
(4): to execute by hanging; to hang; -- usually with up. slang
Archie: I can't believe your mother made me go with her to the groinicologist.

Gloria: You should be more understanding.

Archie: When I had a hernia, I didn't make Edith wear the truss!

-- "All in the Family"
by Nelly Scratch January 15, 2007
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A thanksgiving BDSM fetish for your Sub's desire to have her legs bound raised up bent at the knees , with her arms also tucked in like a turkey ready to be stuffed .
Sara invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner and asked me to help her with her bird, calling out from the kitchen where I found her dangling a rope anticipating a Trussing followed by stuffing , we now have a new Thanksgiving tradition .
by Doogie Robertson December 10, 2020
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