(Of a woman) Not having sex.

Usage note: usually to suggest the visibility of such state through irritable, out-of-order, or eccentric behavior.
What's with all the meanness, girl?! Someone's off the cock...
by SomewhereElse August 16, 2016
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Person who has very recently had sex involving a penis.
That slut, Kyah, has recently, not 30 seconds ago, fucked that guy.

Dont go near Kyah, shes hot off the cock.
by Steve June 4, 2004
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An insult and the ultimate comeback to belittle someone who has just belittled you.
Can be used to end a verbal argument, but can lead to a fist fight.
Reporter: Just answer the question!
Trump: Don’t talk to me that way, you’re just a light weight.
Reporter: And you're the cheese off my cock.
by de-pube February 2, 2021
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Another way of saying it doesn't bother you or affect you in any way.
In other words:
That's cool.
That ain't my problem.
That's not my concern.
I don't care.
A: Hey man, I ate all your fries while you were in the can.
B: That's no skin off my cock. Let's blow this joint and grab some beers!
A: Aight.
by LordCoitus September 2, 2015
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A guy with a really small dick, where it looks like it’s been dawn in half, therefore more powerful when firing sperm, as if from a sawn off shotgun.
Jane: Hey, that’s a bit small, does it even work?”
Dumpa: You’ve never had the sawn off shot cock before have you?”
by TrueMeaningWM May 15, 2020
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1:When you want your friend to leave you alone cus hes all over ur nuts
2:Becomes one of the most annoying,yet catchy phrases
Bob: Billy, Billy, wait for me, i want your nuts in my mouth!!
Billy: Yo.... Chill off my cock bro
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Something that is out of position in relation to its proper positioning.
by Kristen Paskus July 27, 2006
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