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Don't pull a gay Donald. Just.. don't.
by SomewhereElse January 20, 2017
Rubbing one's penis inside a someone's armpit.
Only weirdos practice armpitting.
by SomewhereElse September 24, 2016
(Usually derogatory) -- Typical of the common masses and especially the lower classes, or thought to be unrefined.
He follows football games with plebby enthusiasm.

A plebby tabloid article that attracts its readers with big or sexy pictures.

"I'm sick of these plebby, shoot 'em up, meaningless, action movies!" the professor exclaimed.
by SomewhereElse July 10, 2016
Ideology, ideas, policies, or behavior motivated by sexual gratification/satisfaction, by lust.

Etymology: Muh dick.
Some of the young male support of the feminist movements of the 70s was pure muhdickism -- a bunch of horny dudes wanting easier access to females.

- What's with Chloe dating loser after loser? I think it's because she feels bad for them.
- Nah, it's just run-of-the-mill muhdickism: It turns her on to think she'll be the one to change one of these assholes into some kind of perfect boyfriend-material gentleman, then he'd become hers. Even if deep down she knows this ain't gonna happen. But the ride is enjoyable enough.
- But why not go directly for said perfect boyfriend-material gentleman?
- I don't know. That's just how females say "muh dick".

A lot of the Christian and puritan preaching for "domestic discipline" and male authority was more Muhdickism than it was Puritanism, for both sides.
by SomewhereElse August 21, 2017
A dudebro is a white (American) male who has six or more of the following characteristics: (#1 counts as two.)

1. Cannot go one full waking hour without uttering the words "dude" or "bro".

2. Has spikey hair (despite it having gone out of fashion around 2010).

3. Has a boisterous nature.

4. Is/was in a college fraternity.

5. Is from a middle-class background.

6. Lives in the suburbs or the city.

7. Works out and shows off his body.

8. Is eternally clean-shaven or has little/limited facial hair.

9. Is 18 to 25 years old.

10. Is a player.

11. (When he's not a player) Dates girls considerably younger than he is, like high-schoolers.

12. ( / / ) Dates women considerably older than he is.

13. Wears male earrings.

14. Wears sunglasses indoors or at night.

15. Has catchphrases.

16. Is apolitical.

17. Often gets into fights or arguments.

18. Is dudely (= is a typical duuuude; a guys' guy).

19. Is a diligent drinker.

20. Surfs or skates.

21. Authors, praises, or follows a Bro Code.

22. Is masculine but not manly.

23. Holds sexist or misogynistic views.

24. Is racist or says racist things.

25. Utters slurs like "faggot" or "faggy" and uses "gay" as an insult, but surprisingly enough has nothing against homosexuals.

26. Is a jokester, a prankster, or both.

27. Often gets high but is not a total junkie.

28. Is a reliable partier.

29. Is a frequent high-fiver.
Alright, it's 2 in the morning and I need to get up at 8. Take your keg-drinking dudebro buddies and get the hell outta here!
by SomewhereElse September 24, 2016
A man a woman keeps around for platonic favors and services as well as for attention. He usually sticks around in the hope he'll some day get with her.
= Who's that guy, is he her boyfriend?

– Nah he's just some whiteknight beta orbiter -- he follows her on Facebook, and now he came to pick her up.
by SomewhereElse December 11, 2016
An expression that refers to obsession with having, chasing, or being motivated by sex.
And at the point, almost everyone at the party was drunk, and the guy were like zombies with only the phrase "muh dick" in mind.
by SomewhereElse August 21, 2017