40 definitions by whitney

i would risk my life in a game of dodgeball.
by whitney September 30, 2003
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Big Floppy Donkey Dick. Used as a insult if you want to call someone something with out them knowing what it means...hehe.
1.Oh, Johnny has such a B.F.D.D!
2.Your such a fucking B.F.D.D, MOM!
by whitney April 2, 2004
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tedious or obsessive to the point of being ridiculous
She has such high standards for men that her objections are practically Seinfeldian.
by whitney February 6, 2004
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a word used for pot a.k.a weed!!!the best drug ever!!!
i got some candy for tonight!!!!!
by whitney September 27, 2003
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a female who like to swallow cum and afterwards give her partner a french kiss.
Yo, dat bidnite sucked my dick and then tried to kiss me...ugh.
by whitney November 7, 2004
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