Obunga. Who's obunga? I don't think he exists.
*January 20th, 2017*
Obama: It's time for me to leave, my friends.

*obama fades away*

He is now obunga
by Upex January 18, 2018
a meme revolving a photoshopped image of barrack obama. the meme is popular for a game known as gmod and is commonly associated with an out of context recording of obama explaining that he can beat box.
man 1: get in the elevator
man 2: no man obunga is there!!!!1!11!!
by a pillow September 4, 2022
a weird distorted edited meme of Barack Obama's face
cc: what is obunga?
cc: obunga is a distorted obama meme.
cc: can i see?
cc: sure, let me send a pic.
*sends obunga pic*
cc: ill go put bleach into my eyes.
by smol short person >:) November 1, 2021
A meme that started in June of 2018, It's an image of the president Barack Obama modified as a "Cockroach" from the anime "Terra Formars".
"Jesus, the Obunga meme is fucking creepy"
by Szheff June 28, 2018
by ur mommy gay nut December 6, 2018
A terrifying cursed image. You never want to see Obunga, however he is always watching you. If you do, your eyes will busted opened!!!!
Obunga: “I’m watching you”
by MakeThatBoneless July 14, 2018
God himself making an appearance back on earth
Nigga:"You praying to Obunga lately bro?"
Nigga#2:"Hell yeah everyday"
by Obungalover July 10, 2018