A cursed image is any image that can incite the 5 W's in a person, these 5 W's being, who, what, when, where and why. things like this missing from a image are what is supposed to make you really think and there should be no answer. a image can have these properties but not be cursed. a cursed image also needs a good vibe to it and is commonly a non photoshopped image that has been taken with a old camera or phone. the image has to make you really think for it to be cursed and there are aspects to a image that can make it especially cursed ex. trends like: flash from a phone in a dark place, random items placed in unusual ways, things not how they are supposed to be, and misuse of items. these factors commonly are attributed to a cursed image, but not always and a cursed image is widely up to interpretation and there is no real line or concrete definition. if your unsure about a image contact a person who is in common contact and use of cursed images.
i took this photo in weird lighting and it is very strange can you tell me if its a cursed image or not?
by Cofii August 25, 2017
A comment used on images that are unwanted/weird/generally unlikeable/questionable. The word 'cursed' is use as an adjective.
You seen that inflation spongebob art?
Yeah. That's a cursed image if I've ever seen one.
by mahiruhanayo December 14, 2016
A type of internet trend that includes images that are abnormal or off-putting.

These particular images may not necessarily be scary or disturbing, but they use multiple of the following attributes to achieve their style of oddity.

1. Gross: The photo may be disgusting, or include things that are gory and vulgar.

2. Scary: The picture uses dark figures, scary imagery, odd angles, and off-putting or uncanny imagery.
3. Abnormal: The picture takes something and puts it in a scenario where it is out of place, distorted, or edited.
4. Disappointing: The picture is of something that is a mistake or accidental.
5. Comical: The picture is parodying something or is making something look funny.
This cursed image of spider man is really, weird. Ugh!
by Harambe Glue July 29, 2018
An image with the ability to make someone feel exposed, uncomfortable, turned on and confused all at the same time. The 'cursed' will mean that the image is of some abnormality and most likely will discard physics.
Person 1: Hey, have you seen that picture of the dog with spider legs?
Person 2: No. Show me.
Person 1: *shows Person 2*
Person 2: Oh nah bro, that is a Cursed Image :/
by rocxet November 3, 2019
Basically, an extremely disturbing image/drawing/photomontage/cgi that will haunt you and mess you up for a while. Usually consist of mixing two unmixable things or concepts and, once you see it, it can't be unseen. Mostly appears on internet and social media.
"wth did i just saw?"
Ah yes, cursed image
by Username that nobody uses October 28, 2021
An image that makes you feel uncomfortable. An image that makes you ask why was it made?
An image that makes you want to look away
Person 1. Hey look at this cursed image.

Person 2. Aaaaahhh I want to die
by ButtholeTongueStuck March 12, 2021
Any photo with you in it
Please don’t make anyone read you’re selfies, any photo with you in it is a cursed image
by Bonktown October 4, 2020