When something is so obvious it freaking confuses the person who didn't see it, making them oblivious.
"Hey did you know Clark Kent is really Superman?!"
"Yes, didn't you?"
"Obliviously not!"
by ModernByron June 18, 2015
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A word that sounds really cool... what does this mean, anyway?
Me: I'm OBLIVIOUS!!!11111
Other person: Well one thing's for sure; you're oblivious to the meaning of "oblivious".
by sorrysauce July 27, 2007
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The state of mind Urban Dictionary contributors must be to have made Donald trump even more famous with every stupid trump word they add to this dictionary.
These dumbass urban dictionary folks be oblivious to the fact that Trump feeds on media, both good and bad.
by Heinous Realist January 26, 2017
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To get highly intoxicated via alcohol or narcotics. Remember people on Quaaludes?
Jane gangbanged the team as she was obliviated last night. Jane stop this crazy thing!
by benitomusso60 December 23, 2003
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May be an accidental combination of obliterate and oblivion.
Heard on a New York City TV news report in the 1970s, after an explosion at a gas storage tank being dismantled, a worker in a hardhat told the reporter "My shack was oblivated!"
by Brooklyn Tim May 31, 2005
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To be willfully oblivious, either through sloth, ineptitude or malice.
The refusal to fix the java home bug is another example of Sun attempting to obliviate whenever possible.
by alcaron July 14, 2011
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