1. Something cool, roughly equal or greater to 10 mega-fonzies
2. a legend
1. He's so o'malley- he's uber kool!
2. What an o'malley!
by The one and only anonymouse February 9, 2009
An Irishman also known as O'Callihan, O'Crowley, O'Toulihan, O'Dowd, O'Houlihan, O'Hanrahan and most notably O'Hara. There are also many other variations. He owns a pub called O'Finnegans and packs massive chomps. A legend in all respects, one that will live on in Irish folklore for many generations to come. He believes in reincarnation and will be reborn as a banana slug in the next life. His brainchild is the NCBA college baseball club team, UCSC slugs in collaboration with the King. The number 7 will be forever retired for all Irish baseball players.
"Nice pitch O'malley, or should i say O'Hanrahan, let me get that chompler."
by O'Grinnelahan February 16, 2010
Person 1:You're so lucky your last name is O'Malley.
Person 2:Uh thanks.
Person 1:Yeah mine sucks.
Person 2:Haha sucks for you.
by shanno34 April 25, 2008
The name of the alter-ego aggressive AI that inhabited the bodies of Tex, Caboose, and now Doc.
"I told you, my name's not Caboose... my name's... O'malley..."
by Speaker for the Dead June 1, 2004
1.An Irish man who loves his family, God,country and Notre Dame Football. He will always have your back, but don't dare show any disrespect toward his family. OMALLEY is found in both Irish and Gaelic languages.

2. Pissed off Irish man. Gets Drunk, fights, and fucks your girlfriends.
1.That O'Malley is a great coach, co-worker and husband.

2. O'Malley is a real Irish bastard. Im gonna fuck him up. Found put he was fucking my girl behind the bar. That skank hoesngonna get hers 2
by Nono218 January 1, 2019
A person who gets obliterated and confrontational after 3-4 drinks. This person is an annoyance to everybody who goes out with him.
Sean was so O'Malleyed the other night he was telling everyone to go fuck themselves after just 3 Coors Light...what a fucking pussy. He must be from Bayonne, New Jersey!
by Curly Red July 11, 2008
Something that is, was or will be uncool in it's action or presence.
Don is so O'Malley when he's being such a touchy dick...
by J G February 2, 2004