Jon: Damn Imani wore the tightest pants today she has the biggest caboose the school has ever seen
Tyrone: She aight her ass is a donk tho i think Deja got a caboose
by Tarvish May 19, 2019
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The Best and funniest character of the awesome internet series red vs blue, sometimes known for his big tank lady girlfriend, sheila.
Caboose: SHEILA!!!NOOO!!!
Tucker:No! Sheila! Shiela!!....wait..whos sheila
Caboose:She was the lady in the tank, she was my friend
Tucker:Dude! I knew you could pick up chicks in the tank!
by Eg May 15, 2004
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The private from Red vs Blue. Stupid, yet very funny, a blue and is clad in blue armor, he loves sheila, and wants church to be his best friend
Sarge-Hello? Is anyone there? Do you read me? Do i read you? Anyone? Anybody?Nobody? Ok. well, looks like we're stuck here. toes are getting proony
*walk a little*
Caboose-Sarge! Look! A sleeping person!
Sarge-Holy Macaroon...he's not sleeping son, he's dead.
Caboose-Good, for a second there I thought he was me...because i am blue, and i like to sleep. but if he is dead, that can't possibly be me...that would be silly.

Tex-O'Mally is held up in this base, and he has been fortifying his defenses for a few days now, and he's got some help, one of those religous nuts you guys picked up
Caboose-OH! I liked them, they were funny.
Tucker-Caboose, they tried to kill you because of a flag
Caboose-I try not to think of the bad things about people
Tucker-thast all they did, there were no good things
Caboose-Thats ok...I have a really bad memory, WOW LOOK A BEACH!
by Mustache Man February 27, 2005
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Only the coolest guy on the blue team on Red vs Blue. Also one of the greatest Counter-Strike names for a great player such as myself, jk
Chruch: "I can't move my legs!"
Caboose: "Well....why don't you just..walk it off?"
by Merek March 24, 2004
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Caboose is one of the Blue Team's soldiers from Red vs Blue. He is the only one who knows how to drive Shiela, although, in an act of a team-killing F**k-tard, killed Church.

It was later found out that Church killed Church, although Caboose was still known as a team-killing f**k-tard.

Caboose was also responsible for discovering a talking bomb named Andy, constantly sucking up to Church, and naming an alien Fluffy, the alien that only loves.
"So that makes you... a gay robot." -Caboose
by Xarrin April 1, 2006
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Franco was the caboose on the mantrain of summer `98
by BombBomb August 31, 2003
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