a term used in the movie Office Space to describe the face one makes when achieving orgasm.
I'm gonna be showing her my O face.
by violet March 4, 2003
the face one makes just as he comes to orgasm
You should have seen his o face.
by father O April 17, 2002
There is absolutely no other definition for an o face besides the face a youtube viewer makes when he or she is craving an outro performed by Tobuscus.
Also known as "outro-jingle face," or "outro face"
I was totally having my o face on, and then he finally fufilled my needs.

Tobuscus: You had that outro-jingle look on your face - no offence. That's a compliment. A very attractive feature in a lot of cultures, called outro face - look it up! - or o face, for short.
by emilysnap February 27, 2011
Look you get when your about to blow your load...
I was looking around the room trying to find my "O Face" ,because i was about to put it on.
by Vegas March 23, 2003
The look Obama gets when telling a lie which looks exactly like having a orgasm
Wow, did you see Obamas O Face when he said he would not raise our taxes?
by heywoodja July 25, 2010
The face made while banging the chick from logistics.
I taking this chick from logistics. If things go well tonight she will be seeing my o-face. o-o-o-o-o-o-o.
by Luc March 24, 2004
the face one makes while cumming
"and if things go well, i might be showin' her my o-face...'oh oh oh!'"
by loser November 21, 2003