a term used in the movie Office Space to describe the face one makes when achieving orgasm.
I'm gonna be showing her my O face.
by violet March 4, 2003
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the face one makes just as he comes to orgasm
You should have seen his o face.
by father O April 17, 2002
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Look you get when your about to blow your load...
I was looking around the room trying to find my "O Face" ,because i was about to put it on.
by Vegas March 23, 2003
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There is absolutely no other definition for an o face besides the face a youtube viewer makes when he or she is craving an outro performed by Tobuscus.
Also known as "outro-jingle face," or "outro face"
I was totally having my o face on, and then he finally fufilled my needs.

Tobuscus: You had that outro-jingle look on your face - no offence. That's a compliment. A very attractive feature in a lot of cultures, called outro face - look it up! - or o face, for short.
by emilysnap February 27, 2011
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The look Obama gets when telling a lie which looks exactly like having a orgasm
Wow, did you see Obamas O Face when he said he would not raise our taxes?
by heywoodja July 25, 2010
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In 2010, Thomas' aghast face, also known as the infamous "O" face, when the Fat Controller asks the inspector if he saw fish, along with the musical note that went with the shot, became an internet meme.
Person 1: I hate Thomas the tank engine
Person 2: why
Person 1: because the O-Face scares me
by Delete this account now June 26, 2023
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I taking this chick from logistics. If things go well tonight she will be seeing my o-face. o-o-o-o-o-o-o.
by Luc March 24, 2004
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