The opposite of intro (short for introduction) - specifically, in songs, a part at the very end.
The outro in "White America" by Eminem is hella cool.
by zafiroblue05 February 4, 2005
Adj - Used to connote a state of departure; i.e. to peace or to go outie/audi.
I'm outro, call me if you want to blaze one up.
by Grapist April 4, 2007
The song on the end of a youtube video (usually a vlog). Opposite of intro.
WheezyWaiter's new outro is awesome - he had his viewers vote on it.
by ergonomania August 3, 2010
adj. gone, ghost, out of here, about to dip, bounce, jet. generally said when preparing to leave a gathering.
Yo, it's mad late... I'm outro.
by jpro January 31, 2006
I gotta study for finals, I'm outro, man.
by Sharktooth December 18, 2005
The outro for every one of the Youtuber Onision's comedy/sketch videos.
Goes like: O Ni Si On (electronic music)
by bellamiedeal September 4, 2016