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Chloe Bourgeoisie calls Zoe Lee her half of a sister.
Person: what’s a sister called when her mother is your mom but you have different fathers
Chloe: half-of-a-sister?
Person: R A C I S T
by Delete this account now July 25, 2023
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In 2010, Thomas' aghast face, also known as the infamous "O" face, when the Fat Controller asks the inspector if he saw fish, along with the musical note that went with the shot, became an internet meme.
Person 1: I hate Thomas the tank engine
Person 2: why
Person 1: because the O-Face scares me
by Delete this account now June 26, 2023
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Person 1: Alabama = incest country
Person 2: yta
Person 1: succ
by Delete this account now June 5, 2023
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A blonde haired chick with a Bob haircut and sunglasses and lipstick who always gets mad and threatens to call the manager on you
At subway
Person 1: dodododo skabadidodo *le gaspu*
Person 2: ridiculous utterly ridiculous I asked for a spicy meatball sub sandwich not a crispy cripple sandwich *throws sandwich down* (plot twist the cashier she yelling at is in a wheelchair and his name is Joe; take a wild guess) that’s it I demand to speak with your manager!
Person 1: Karen
Person 2: *glare* *starts running at person 1 and is about to end him with kamehameha but is stop by joe’s cop friends*
Joe: I’m quitting my job at subway
by Delete this account now June 24, 2023
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The girl version of Hilbillybert and probably the true protag of Pokémon Black and White who also should’ve been in the anime
Example 1:
Person 1: who is your best girl in Pokémon?
Person 2: hildillyda
Person 1: don’t you mean Hilda?
Person 2: I know but I call her hildillyda
Person 1: okay. anyway what’s your favorite thing about her?
Person 1: she is true protag, gets piggy as starter, takes down peta, dates their leader, catches red eyes white dragon-
Person 3: wait lol don’t you mean blue eyes white dragon?
Person 1: oh my god

Example 2:
Person 1: I hate Iris and I think hildillyda should be in the anime and not Iris
Person 2: Bruh I like Iris but I agree she calls ash a kid too much
Person 3: we’re literally 11 years past that bro but I agree too and like the only reason Iris is here but not Hilda is they try to emulate the indigo league
Person 1: and we love indigo league so idk why it has to be ripped off
Person 2: which is why I hate bw anime
by Delete this account now June 25, 2023
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Chloe Bourgeois’s catchphrase from Miraculous Ladybug (probably one of the best shows ever as well as in existence).
Someone gave Chloe KFC instead of whatever the Hell she ordered.
Chloe: I asked for a beef fillet with fois de gras not this poor person food (Throws KFC at someone in a massive fit of rage) This is so ridiculous utterly ridiculous!
What a Karen, am I right?
by Delete this account now July 2, 2023
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