a shortened term for нахуй (pronounces nawhooe)meaning - on a dick used mostly by drunks and young people original is by Russian, but most of eastern and central Europe uses it.
nu nx kaip pavargau (fuck, i'm so tired)
by spinaround88 October 9, 2008
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One of the best cars Nissan has made to date.. has the potent SR20DE and looks like an egg... No one knows what it is, but that is ok cuz we dont want it riced out
What the hell is that?!!? its an NX bro.. dont mess with it, itll smoke ya
by HawkINX4 April 14, 2004
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A virtual online currency that players of the Nexon Game publishing company spend hundreds of dollars in annually just to make themselves look better and play better... when chances are, they'll quit in 3 months time when they find out that items aren't permanent.
Player #1: Hey, I just got 90k NX!
Player #2: Well, aren't you the rich one! =D (Give me some!)
Player #1: I'm gonna get a new overall, a hat, a new weapon mask-over, a per...

** 90 Days Later **
Player #1: OMG I look like a freakin hobo.
Player #2: Did I not mention that items expire in 90 days?
--Player #1 has quit the game... permanently--
by GenkiMao October 9, 2009
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Car manufac. by Nissan, Hight between '91 and '93. NX2000 are the best, factoery high horses, and great handling. Plus hardley anyone has 'em. Rare, great, car.
I wouldn't trade my NX for nothin
by Ray September 1, 2004
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Originally an acronym standing for “Non Xenophobic”, the term has become popular slang in Mumbai for someone who harasses woman on public transport in a non threatening, albeit annoying manner.
“Omg did you see NX on the bus? He kept trying to smell my hair.”
by dumbpardout150 October 14, 2021
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Nitrous Express, a popular brand of Nitrous Oxide.
My S281E with NX will run 9's!
by 2004 S281Extreme July 16, 2006
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A person in the MMO MapleStory who buys lots of nx everyday, and feel that they are superior to other people just because they have deep pockets. Also known as Nxer Whoritus, Nx Hoars, and noobs who can't play MapleStory normally without 2x experience and 2x drop thus making them richer and 2x more powerful than a normal player. Also one who buys too many megaphones to create giant pink lines of spam in the chat box.
Nx Whore1:I only have $75 worth of nx to use this month out of my $9999999999! Aww!
by w8baby April 4, 2008
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