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Import vehicle that has been riced out typically has one too many mods that is only appealing to the owner of the vehicle. This includes body kits, euro tail lights, obviously too big for flight wing on trunk, possibly after market spray painted rims, and the car is usually more than one color if not it is a loud color; hot pink baby blue etc.
orange ef hatch with full body kit and loud exhaust rides next to you on the highway and tries to down shift as if looking clean.

HAHAHAH wtf riced out piece of shit.
by forever3kkkkkk February 11, 2012
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Commonly used to refer to poorly modified Hondas and/or other inmports.

The common characteristics are neon lights all over the vehicle including the rims, under the body, inside the car, and maybe even on the loser driving it. Another characteristic is an exhaust that sounds like a weed whacker.

The driver of the rice bucket usually thinks his car is tricked out to the max, but really all the peopel lookin at it are laughing not admiring.
by Pimp Masta J December 18, 2004
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refering to a pimped out asian riced aka a ricer...but instead of being pimped out its riced out
A honda civi with spinners and neons goes by and you say to your friend "That whip's riced out!"
by emiley September 01, 2005
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A term referring to an object that has been garishly over-decorated, as many Asian countrymendo to their vehicles, for example. Asian travellers are often seen over-dressed with far too much make-up, brand-name apparel, or other tasteless adornments draped/slung over themselves.

This is to be "riced-out".
Check out the riced-out Honda.

Man, those tourists are really riced-out....must be from Japan.

I went all riced-out for the party.
by Gazzer May 27, 2006
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A car used for street racing that has been modified with many "parts" imported from Japan.
Lingling has the most kick-ass riced out honda.
by the_writer_side June 22, 2004
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To have sexual relations with more than 3 people of Asian descent.
Rast night I had an orgy with 4 Japanese radies, woke up this morning compretery Riced out.
by Feedstoremafia February 28, 2018
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