Coming from a rich family or making lots of money from your job. Being wealthy.
"I heard Johnny's pockets run deep, you should ask him out!"
by Jay July 20, 2005
Having a lot of $money$
Girl 1: "Jamal got deep pockets!"
Girl 2: "Girl, pass him over when you done. I need some CASH!!"
by Kristina February 28, 2004
Your so cheap that you can't get to your money in your pockets and if you could you wouldn't because there is sharp glass in the bottom, therefore you won't try to get your money. Cheapskate.
by jdgator June 19, 2011
A miserly billionaire, especially when it comes to charity
Sure he's loaded, but he, he's just charity-stays-in-the-pocket kind (or unkind!): deep pockets/short hands
by vivauganda December 23, 2010
An extremely cheap person. A miser. One who never wants to pay his own way.
Don't ask Adam to buy, he's got short arms and deep pockets with glass in the bottom.
by jdgator1000 June 19, 2011