Rubbing your face against something and enjoying the sensation...
She loved nuzzling her face against his stubbled face
by kyubunnyquartz March 12, 2014
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To cuddle against another person or object close with head and or shoulders.
"The kitten nuzzled against the child's neck and purred."
by Jupi February 19, 2003
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similar to what a cat does to your neck but it involves a man and a woman. you can nuzzle anywhere! on the shoulder, to the arms to the chest.
I wish you can nuzzle with me in bed tonight.
by thedevltree January 2, 2011
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verb; the act of rubbing heads together in an up and down motion
When we nuzzle, Jake and I get extremely horny.
by dredawg123 November 21, 2011
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to cuddle up to an object or person in a near foetal embrace. Nuzzling does not involve the use of any limbs, but is perhaps more commonly associated with the nose. There is a time and a place for nuzzling.
'Nuzzle my colon at the gusset buffet!'
by taramosalata August 28, 2003
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girl: *nuzzles* uwu

boy: grr rawr hizz

girl: s-s-s-senpai y u do that uwu XD
by September 14, 2020
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To rub your nose at a girl's body parts.

When nuzzling her neck, take in the smell of her perfume.
But in more intimate situations, nuzzling at her breasts is
even better. Trust me.
The girl squealed in surprise, then
laughed out loud as her amorous boyfriend
pressed his face into her big, soft breasts.

Then she said, teasingly as he began to
nuzzle her:

"EEP! You horny bastard! Stop! I'm ticklish there! Hahaha!!"
by CDSmith1967 August 4, 2007
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