Usually used to indicate anger or frustration. When used this way, it is given a harsh tone. The more r's it has, the angrier the person is.
GRRRRR....That guy is running off with my socks!!!
by lmbc2 April 26, 2004
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A word that people use when they're not actually frustrated they just want to pretend they are.

Most commonly used while texting
Person A: how dare you not like me grr
Person B: shut up, you're not a dog
Person A: grr
by asadhuman March 17, 2022
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1. Often indicative of emotional stress, temporary frustration, or, most likely, a lull in casaul conversation.

2. Cute catch phrase used by alluring females.

3. Primal animal sound made by Cro-Magnon-type males.

4. Found at the tail-end of Tig-grr.
"Grr. Perhaps I should do something about the couch being on fire."

"Man hungry. Need go hunt and kill feroocious beast. Grr!"

"Drank too much beer. Must find spot to pee! Grr!"
by JamiSpoon May 24, 2003
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Grr Fuck Face that hurt!
Get off my Koolaid Grr!
by Andy February 18, 2004
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