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To pass gas, or to fart.

The term was originated when someone sliced
into a new wheel of cheese, but most likely
a brick of Limburger cheese... which stinks
terribly despite it being fresh cheese.

(If you HAD smelled Limburger cheese before,
you know what I'm talking about!)
Daryl: Aww man! WHOOO!!! Who cut the cheese?!

Michelle: Owen, man, get outta here, you funky bastard!

Owen: Hey, I didn't fart! Damn it, I didn't!!


Daryl: What's that smell...?

Michelle: (looking innocent) I don't know.

Daryl: Oh! Oooo!! Girl, you got the car all
stanky! Roll down those windows, you lyin' ho!
by CDSmith1967 January 18, 2006

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The scientific name of the subject is maeiusophilia;
however, the previous author is on the money on the definition:

Some guys (and some girls!) get turned on at the
sight of a pregnant woman.
When I saw the girl next door was 8 months pregnant,
I had suddenly gotten one helluva boner!

Who knew that I was a maeiusophile...
... a pregnant fetish-kind of guy?

by CDSmith1967 November 11, 2005

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A really REALLY bad smeeling fart that
contains a HUGE amount of hydrogen
sulfide, contained in the familiar and
noxious odor of the proteins breaking
down from bacterial growth within...
you guessed it, a rotting egg.

And boy! those are straight up nasty.


Get the Air-Wick! This mother-fucker
just laid a rotten-egg fart in here!
by CDSmith1967 January 22, 2006

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A sign of contempt, usually when you
stick your tongue between your lips,
and you blow though them, resulting
in a loud, blubbering, and flatulent
noise. Also called a raspberry
(definitions 2 and 3).
My coworker from my old job was
such a loser. I said to my friend
online that he deserves a loud,
rousing good cheer...

... a Bronx cheer.
by CDSmith1967 January 17, 2006

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Two well-know last words that are said
in an expression of:

1) Impending trouble- When you got a blunt in your hand,
and the po-po appears around the corner;

2) Chargin- When someone finds out a dirty secret
that involves YOU or you're losing in a game;

and/or 3) Catastrophe- at the last second before a
car crash;

EIther way, you are screwed, dude.
Example #1- Dereck had just rolled a fat ass blunt
on the corner when he saw the 5-O rollin' in like
bad weather. "Oh shit!" he thought as he dropped his
last fattie in to the sewer. The cops looked him over,
but Derek didn't get busted for possession.

Example #2- When Henry's mom found his web-blog,
all he could say was, "Ohhhhhhhhhh shit."

was the last words that Susan said as her car crashed
into the guy's parked Beamer. If the collision doesn't
nearly kill her, the owner of the car-now-turned-hoopty
will, either with a tire iron or a lawsuit.
by CDSmith1967 March 13, 2006

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According to Webster's Dictionary:

n.- one who attempts to impose his or her
moral code upon others.

In other words: A purtianical person who
tries to dominate your way of life by forcing
THEIR way of life down your throat.

An aggressive prude that engages in censorship,
behaves like a puritain, and condemns you as
if they were a religious zealot because they
are acting like so full of pride when they are
really full of shit.
Some bluenoses get TOO aggressive in their
idea in censorship. They need to get 21st
century and get laid.
by CDSmith1967 March 19, 2006

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Be it male or be it female, game killer
means someone who tries to keep
*YOU* from gettin' any.

Mother hen is a prime example of one of
many cockblockers and ballbusters.
So is the drama queen, man candy, and
the one upper. And those definitions don't
just apply to the site Gamekillers.com...

...It is for REAL.
I was trying to score a date with a girl,
but my cousin acted like a one upper, and
stole my girl. The Game killer mother-fucker did
not get any, though... he found out the hard way
the girl was a drama queen! Ha!! Serves his
lazy ass right!!!
by CDSmith1967 April 10, 2006

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