24 definitions by CDSmith1967

A sign of contempt, usually when you
stick your tongue between your lips,
and you blow though them, resulting
in a loud, blubbering, and flatulent
noise. Also called a raspberry
(definitions 2 and 3).
My coworker from my old job was
such a loser. I said to my friend
online that he deserves a loud,
rousing good cheer...

... a Bronx cheer.
by CDSmith1967 January 17, 2006
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To have sexual intercourse; to have sex or get sexed;
to screw, get screwed, or busy screwing;
to get laid; doing the bump and grind;
to fuck, getting fucked, or busy fucking...

Yes... a lotta names for an act of pleasurable sex. :)
Alexis and I didn't waste time to jump
in the sack and bump bones with each other.
by CDSmith1967 October 27, 2005
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Just another way tell someone to fuck off.
Some old fuck was yelling at me for no reason, so I walked past hi, gave him the finger and yelled, "Ahhh, bite my ass, you peckerwood son-of-a-bitch!"
by CDSmith1967 January 05, 2016
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To rub your nose at a girl's body parts.

When nuzzling her neck, take in the smell of her perfume.
But in more intimate situations, nuzzling at her breasts is
even better. Trust me.
The girl squealed in surprise, then
laughed out loud as her amorous boyfriend
pressed his face into her big, soft breasts.

Then she said, teasingly as he began to
nuzzle her:

"EEP! You horny bastard! Stop! I'm ticklish there! Hahaha!!"
by CDSmith1967 August 03, 2007
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Two well-know last words that are said
in an expression of:

1) Impending trouble- When you got a blunt in your hand,
and the po-po appears around the corner;

2) Chargin- When someone finds out a dirty secret
that involves YOU or you're losing in a game;

and/or 3) Catastrophe- at the last second before a
car crash;

EIther way, you are screwed, dude.
Example #1- Dereck had just rolled a fat ass blunt
on the corner when he saw the 5-O rollin' in like
bad weather. "Oh shit!" he thought as he dropped his
last fattie in to the sewer. The cops looked him over,
but Derek didn't get busted for possession.

Example #2- When Henry's mom found his web-blog,
all he could say was, "Ohhhhhhhhhh shit."

was the last words that Susan said as her car crashed
into the guy's parked Beamer. If the collision doesn't
nearly kill her, the owner of the car-now-turned-hoopty
will, either with a tire iron or a lawsuit.
by CDSmith1967 March 13, 2006
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Same as The Eminem salute, the freeway salute, the Jersy salute,
the finger, the bird, just to flip off the ones you really can't stand.

In other words , the middle finger.
There was many a time
That Roy Lee acted a prat.
Seriously, he was an older version
Of a poseur, a brown noser, and a really spoiled brat.

So, whether it was behind his back
Or right in his PLAIN VIEW,
I'd showed him my middle digit
And with no hesitation, too!

Though I had quit that job,
I've given him the one-finger salute...
Just to prove he's a big loser...
AND to piss him off, to boot!
by CDSmith1967 November 04, 2005
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(Verb)- When someone takes their palm and
slaps someone else on the side or the back
of that person's head. The action can be made
easily by swinging your arm, striking the back
of that fool's head; sometimes you can snap
your wrist in mid-swing to get a better sting
on that idiot's dome. Best applied to dumb-asses
and fucknuts who just WON'T learn.

Also, it was a song at one time in the 70s.
It didn't take long for my friend to get
pissed off enough to go "oops upside ya head"
on his homie for turning his whip
into a hooptie... especially when it was
so paid-for.

Any mom will go oops-upside-their-kid's-head
for bad report cards.
by CDSmith1967 April 10, 2006
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