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An addicting flash game created by Xgen Studios in which you move with the arrow keys to devour fish that are smaller than yours in order to grow bigger, and to avoid the fish that are larger than yours.
Me: Oh I see you're playing Fishy again, huh?

Tod: Yeah, it's co--


Tod: SHIT! I look away from the screen for one second and look what happens! Thanks a lot, asshole!
by Balfdor June 12, 2007
Because "y" is a crooked letter!
Why ask why when you already know how?
by Balfdor December 5, 2006
Something that might get you into trouble if uttered aloud.
You know what I just thought? Oh, wait, nevermind... (innocent face)
by Balfdor December 23, 2006
Reaching the pinnacle of creative expression in one's chosen endeavor. Sort of like how we identify Neo in The Matrix.
Dan was so inspired to paint something that he blasted off on the canvas with every idea that came to mind.

Mike was so desperate to get on the other side of the river that he had to blast off in one magnificent leap.
by Balfdor October 11, 2006
An extremity uttered in desperation when a man is having his chest hair waxed.
From The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Andy: having chest hair waxed YOOOOWW! NIPPLE FUCK! KELLY CLARKSON!
by Balfdor January 2, 2007
Physical damage. To "do a number" in an aggressive situation frequently implies hurting someone, usually a particular body part. For example a number is used in the phrases "I'm going to pop you one" and "a quick one-two" (in boxing).
Rough him up a little, then do a number on his face.
by Balfdor June 13, 2007
Medicine for the soul
"I have bowel cancer"
Laughter fills the hospital
by Balfdor December 9, 2006