If ya ain't got nuffin' to say, shaddup!
by Anonymous December 12, 2002
London / Cockney word used as a personal insult or put a person in his or her place.
I don't take no shit, especially off a nuffin' like you...
by DJ Wechat April 6, 2017
"That's what I thought, them niggas was bluffin
They talk all day but say, nuffin" - DMX
by Jre May 23, 2003
person 1: hey, what's up?
person 2: nuffin..
person 1: *gives muffin*
by JDHAdrummer[DF] March 8, 2009
What you get when you're finished with a muffin; the absence of a muffin
Jeff: Hey, got any muffins?
Shan: Nope, I got nuffin
by Dark Stom November 17, 2009
George is NUFFIN!

<Stu> "How bigs your package George?"
<George> "I've got NUFFIN. I am NUFFIN. Me, NUFFIN, same same."
by Stu October 16, 2003
Not a muffin

The origin of this word of known to come from the deep south upwards to mid Virginia
by Umm_a_name November 9, 2021