Typically used by black people when caught committing crimes to convey that they did not in fact commit said crimes based on their word alone.
Police officer: Why did you beat up that woman?
Black man: I dindu nuffin man that mufugga looked at me wrong n shiiiet
police officer: so you did do it?
Black man: nah man ah dindu nuffin you real rayciss n shiiet.
by Pete zur man September 7, 2022
Didn't do nothing. A phrase often used to mock individuals who claim an alleged criminal as innocent or undeserving of an undesired outcome. Often times the alleged criminal is killed.

This is often used in situations where an African American is killed by police, but it can be used in situations involving any race.
A suspect charges at the police and is shot.

Commenter 1: Another victim murdered by police.

Commenter 2: S/he Dindu Nuffin
by coinman9388 October 4, 2021
he dindu nuffin = he didn't nothing
He had to do his homeworks but he dindu nuffin.
by Mr Dindu Nuffin April 3, 2017
Basically the same as say no more (SNM) just an easier and more defined way of saying it.
boy 1- you gay.
boy 2- oi shutup you wasteman, i just parred you to the next level, say nuffin! KMT.
by Rawrr;) August 31, 2010
On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Steve Harvey dishes on Kardashians Family Feud Episode: ‘Kim dindno nuffin'
by MaximGhost April 18, 2018
Just to say 'nothing'. You know?
Person: "Okay, what're you up to now?"
Other Person: "Nuffin puffin beeyotch."
by Werefrodo March 8, 2005
Noun used to describe the non-food items you've been eating all day. i.e. If you haven't eaten anything all day, or in a good long while, you've eaten a nuffin muffin.
Ulysses: Hey Hank do you want to head out to the Thai Buffet place today?

Hank: Shit yeah man, all i've had today is a big ol' nuffin muffin for lunch.
by masr. July 3, 2009