An enjoyable absence of worry or responsibility. An amiable response to injustice.
So-and-so said this or that crap about you. What are you going to do about it?

Ahh nuffin.
by ForwardNite May 28, 2016
Not to be confused with muffin. It is a very funny joke that makes everyone "laugh"...and by laugh I mean role their eyes and chuckle.
Jess: What's up
John: Nuffin
Jess: oh...
by FromKatlyn+John September 9, 2018
A muffin that does not contain (throughout its inner cake) any of the ingredients displayed on the top of the muffin. Term can be applied to people in an organisation who appear to do work but who achieve little.
You buy what looks like a delicious fruit stuffed muffin but find that inside it is all cake and no fruit. It looks good but delivers nothing. It’s not a muffin, it’s a nuffin.
by The Process Ninja December 5, 2008
it is the first thing a criminal says repeatedly when they are arrested on a police show. Trying to say they didn't do anything wrong.
Ay man! I Dindoo Nuffin, Dindoo Nuffin, Dindoo Nuffin!
by jonesberger April 12, 2019
Didn't do nothing

Din didn't du do nuffin nothing
Nah fam, Jackson dindu nuffin you told him to
by SiIverBuIIet February 18, 2021