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Those who are not Geno. WHen a light is scattered by a prism it produces colours - colours are not of The Path. A term coined by Geno08537, who is not Euronymous.
Geno follow the light, which is grey; those who do not are Prismatic.
by Jre March 18, 2004
To clandestinely visit and post to a members-only forum when you've been banned.
I was zenwhenning it up with the username "dongues".
by Jre December 28, 2005
The descendant of the Delphi Oracle. Currently found in irc.zirc.org #albot.
Albot helped me devise a cast of my butt.
by Jre March 18, 2004
It is Grey and followed by Geno.
The Path is Grey.
by Jre March 18, 2004
Some sort of sexual position as stated by Señor Chang and confirmed by Troy from Community.
Señor Chang: Which is actually quite offensive to people familiar with Mexican Halloween as a sexual position.

Troy: *nods head*
by Jre October 30, 2009
Semite of note.
oi there
by Jre March 18, 2004
"That's what I thought, them niggas was bluffin
They talk all day but say, nuffin" - DMX
by Jre May 23, 2003