9 definitions by DJ Wechat

British Army talk. To shit it means to fuck up and be in danger of getting charged (disciplinary action).
stupid idiot, now you have shit it!
by DJ Wechat April 6, 2017
back up, back up booty call when all other regular FB's in your contacts are either out of town, busy, dating someone else or on the rag. An 'emergency' arises and so the need to contact your last resort is required. He or she might be a minger but as they say "every hole is a goal".
oh no! nothing lined up for this Thursday, everyone's busy. now it is Tuesday...its a fuckbuddymergency.
by DJ Wechat April 6, 2017
the practice of penetrating two women's ass holes using each foot.
do you do anal? how about a double anal foot fuck? gotcha...
by DJ Wechat April 11, 2017
London / Cockney word used as a personal insult or put a person in his or her place.
I don't take no shit, especially off a nuffin' like you...
by DJ Wechat April 6, 2017
to purposely not wash or use deoderant. similar to lower class chinese people. it saves money.
i don't have much on this week i think i will stay at home and go chinese
by DJ Wechat January 5, 2019
if you forget to wipe your ass properly or cannot for reasons known to yourself, your underwear will stick to your butt hole. usually noticeable when the itch from an inadequate wipe occurs a couple of hours later.
(mentally) damn need to go the WC got a case of the stickyhole.
by DJ Wechat January 5, 2019
a person who deletes a person from some form of online social contact - facebook or similar
it is not cool to be a deleter
by DJ Wechat April 6, 2017