6 definitions by cordelia and eilidh dictionary

"when ur friend doesnt do the work they have been asked to do, becuase they were tired"
flo didnt do her mandarin work when she was supposed to, she is very notty
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when something isn't right but seems right, you do not want your friend to know your opinion so you politley say "oofie"
cordelia - i cant believe my cat went to the vet

eilidh - oofie
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"What someone who doesn't support the football team Burnley, calls the football team
"did u see that burbley lost to some other team last night lol"
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when the world around you seems nice then something goes wrong
i feel like the today is a beautifuk day, we had lunch out then my cat died
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"When ur friend got somethign good that u wanted, but u have to be happy for them so u call them a lucky dickey"
today i got a pet dog. your a lucky dicky
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