An extremely annoying occurrence on facebook. A ghost notification is what happens when you click a notification, and it takes you to the appropriate place, but the notification still stays there, so you click it again, but nothing different happens. You get your hopes all up for another notification and it's just another dumb ghost notification.

NOOOOOO it's a ghost notification
by thewhom May 3, 2011
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The act of not receiving any Facebook notifications relating to you over a long period of time. Also known as FAS (Forever Alone Syndrome)
"I declared Notification Bankruptcy after logging on for the first time in weeks."
by Charle Norris October 24, 2011
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Entering an app with the intent of completing a task only to be distracted by the in-app notification. You then leave the app only to return again to try and accomplish your original task.
I went on Twitter to send a DM but I fell victim to the notification effect when I saw that little counter. Only once I closed the app did I remember what I originally needed to do.
by EdDaWord November 15, 2021
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A series of Facebook notifications one receives which do not relate to the indivual they are addressed to. This can be experienced when the subject comments on a post and a conversation ensues unrelated to yourself.
I commented how stupid I looked in the picture, however the idiots decided to talk about turtles on it. I got empty notifications for weeks
by Chuplis July 17, 2009
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The phrase Notif-Rape is an abbreviated form of Notification-Rape

A phrase commonly used regarding facebook updates for people who are bombarded with lots of notifications out of the blue; usually about something which is not of concern to the victim of the rape
Spongebob: *Signs into Facebook* WHAT THE FUCK PATRICK WHY HAVE I GOT 17852396 NOTIFICATIONS :|

Patrick: ahh sheeeeett...

Spongebob: Its that freakin Sandy having a conversation on my status with Squidward... What a freakin hoe

Patrick: Duude... you got freakin Notif-Raped... Fuckeries :|
by M1sterV January 12, 2010
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two words smashed together to define notifications recieved on facebook. it adds an extra zing to notifications allowing for one to say the word, without harm to other's egos.
"zomygod, I commented a really good pic of you and i got so many damn notification brownies."
by wowrandom March 3, 2009
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Rainin' notifications means getting multiple notifications on your device at the same time
Person 1: What's that noise?
Person 2: My phone's rainin' notifications and I can't turn 'em off
by Tumblerocket May 4, 2017
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