Being so incompatible with the rest of humanity you will never find anyone willing to date you.
more then 90% of people on the Internet are destined to be forever alone. Including you.
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A term for someone who is having a significant amount of trouble finding their other half, and probably never will find it for as long as they live. Typically, the person is not the most attractive one around. They may also have social anxiety, which is almost (though not always) the main reason.

Despite often being used as a joke, being lonely is very real and should not be taken lightly. Loneliness can often severely damage a person's mental health; they may think that no one loves them or cares for them, and severe depression ensues. And if it's not addressed soon enough, the person may end it all.
If you know a forever alone person...give them a hug. Let them know that someone still cares for them, and that their special someone is somewhere out there.

If you ARE a forever alone person...understand that there's nothing wrong with you. Some people simply find that one person who just clicks in their heart quicker than others. Don't give up hope, because that person will appear someday.
by Someone who kinda exists July 19, 2021
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Forever Alone Guy is the only rage-meme that accurately and eternally represents you. This meme is one of many, many hilarious and inventive variations of rage-comics, created somewhere around April 2010. The stories are usually focused around main character with abnormally swollen face, which expresses loneliness and disappointment with his life (in which he is alone). Some of them also includes wannabe-funny word games with main line, which has nothing to do with actual plot. Next to highly overused RAGE, FA also draws its humor from such phenomenons like Trollface, FUCK YEA or Poker Face, and can be easily replaced by almost any of them.

The creator and copyright owner of this meme is Dominic Vanner.
"He's never had a girlfriend.. he's forever alone"
by Daniel burns October 5, 2013
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One who will indeed, be alone for eternity. Being single forever. One who in fact, does got this. Unlike Carlolz.
She didn't answer my phone call.

I wonder if she likes me, Should I ask her out?
Forever not gonna have this.
by Trollololololololololol/ February 17, 2011
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Forever alone is a meme that is similar to the rage guy that feature a drawing of a very unattractive "man" with tears running down his face and at the top is says "forever alone"
-"Hey check out this girl I've been talking to in Tumblr"
-"Really man your so alone you keep this up you'll be forever alone"
-"Fuck you man"
by tyranpro557 December 28, 2016
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