The act of going onto someones Facebook page and liking everything on their page...every video they post,every status they post,everything they comment on or like.
I got bored so i notifaction raped my friend on facebook.

"aw i dont believe!"(friend checks they're facebook page...200 notifications) "i've been notification raped!
by merickane January 29, 2011
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When you're not able to get to sleep because you're waiting for a text message or some other form of electronic communication.
Terri: How did you sleep last night?
Ali: Not that great. I had notification insomnia because James is in Afghanistan and I was waiting to hear from him.
by TeaInTheMoment May 2, 2019
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when one gets fed up with getting notifications on facebook because of a conversation going on under their status even though wat they are talking about may have nothing to do with them.
ZACK is not feeling well.
Timmy- oh im sry
jane- Me 2
Timmy- Oh hey jane wats up?
Jane- nm u wanna chill this weekend
Timmy- yeah definately hows ur grandma?
Zack- STFU already!!!
by Zack Verbit April 16, 2009
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the temporary high achieved when you receive an abnormally large number of facebook notifications

Note: the notification can be due to real activity on your profile (such as a picture comment or wall post), fake activity on your profile (such as a group of people having a conversation on one of your photos), or no activity (such as a friend used an annoying application like "compare people" and you were notified for some reason)
I got extreme notification elation when I logged onto my facebook and saw that 78 people had commented on my newly posted picture... I had no idea that many people looked at my albums!!

I was happy to the point of notification elation when 53 notifications popped up on my facebook homepage--but I was majorly disappointed when I saw that all of them were because some bitch tagged me in a shitload of random photos.
by DanaCath February 21, 2009
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Someone who checks facebook excessively to see if they've been sent any new notifications/messages
"Grace, can I go on facebook for a sec? I need to check my notifications"

"But you were just on your blackberry like 10 minutes ago"

"I know but the battery died so I need to check again, just in case someone answered my honesty box"

"Ugh, what a notification whore.."
by Janice Booterman April 20, 2009
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On Facebook when you comment on a picture or something and come back a few hours later and have a lot of notifications
*comments on pic*

one hour later:

143 new notifications from same pic

"guys, what's with the notification rape?!"
by facebookman March 2, 2009
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When you press a button at the top of your phone (eg back), and a notification pops up in the motion of pressing the button that you you accidentally press it and open something you don’t want to open.
Damn bro, I didn’t wanna message her back yet but now I have to because I got notification sniped
by Woodsman2121 February 28, 2022
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