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Northville is a prodominately white, small Victorian town in Michigan that has been getting a lot bigger over the years thanks to these damn million dollar houses being built.

Home of Guernsy Dairy, the Marquis Theater, Ford Field, a run down Psyciatric Hospital, some train tracks and really big homes.

Two middle schools, Meads and Hilside.
Meads is where all the Silver Springs and Winchester kids go, so its full of Highland Lakers and kids in those houses near winchester.
Hilside is mostly all the rich kids, minus Mazen and Jackie.

And then theres NHS, one big ass high school that stands where a huge field was a couple of years ago. Not many kids you'll find there that actually enjoy it. Most just want to get the hell out.

Northville is an awesome place to grow up, Winchester was the best years of my life, and Meads was cool too, minus Mrs. Stutterheim and occasional stink bombs. Even if theres spoiled brats everywhere and the town can get a little boring, its better than Novi.
Bono: I live in Northville! Woo Hoo

Sarah: Northville gets really boring.
Marie: Yeah. Lets go to Fountain Walk.

Kyle: What the hell am I going to wear tomorrow... my parents already bought me everything in Abercrombie! Waaah!
by John December 27, 2004
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Land of the rich white spoiled kids, located in Michigan.

Northville High School is the only school in which the marching band can beat the football team.
Person 1: Hey wanna go to Northville?
Person 2: Hey wanna go to hell?
Person 1: There's nothing to do in Northville anyway.
by barnabusss April 27, 2009
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A small, yet booming town in southeast michigan.

A population of more than 20,000, with 7,000 people in the school district. The school district consists of 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and one GIANT high school. 252nd best district in the nation and 5th best in the state. a population of mostly wealthy families and predominately white population. A nice but small downtown with many restaurants. Much nicer than its neighboring city to the south, Novi.
Hey, want to eat dinner in Northville.
by Ulitimate.Lax.Bro January 14, 2012
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town of rich white kids that are spoiled as fuck and don’t care about what anyone else think. also smart ass kids who are mostly asians or indians that went to aleps. the girls are all thots and the guys are ugly as fuck. meads is full of whores and hillside is full of judgmental bitches
livonia kid:where do you go?
northville kid: northville

livonia kid: oh *eye roll*
by Pot Head on Crack May 05, 2019
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a small town of roughly 2000 people in the southern adirondacks....the sacandaga lake is beautiful and the town is busy with vacationers in the summer...aka "summer people"...the high school graduates around 30 people...its biggest sport is soccer...the towns biggest events are garage sale weekend, the doins' (fourth of july carnival), and the donkey basketball game
hey im from northville!
..uhhh wheres that?
by chicken suit July 22, 2009
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A town full of many spoiled rich white bitches who think they are the shit. Also full of many diverse cultures including Asians and Indians that are too smart for everyone else. Everyone is fake and rich in their own ways
Livonia kid: do you live in NoRtHviLlE
Northville kid: yeah...?
Livonia kid: aren't you the snobbiest city in Michigan?

Northville kid: umm I don't know.

Livonia kid: *eye roll*
by Pot Head on Crack May 05, 2019
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