Where mentally ill/ mentally unstable men or women are held to recieve treatment.
If you suffer from Bipolar disorder you may be sent to an Asylum.
by ImReallyBored November 22, 2006
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Protection from another country (similar to refugee)
Did you know that mr. Montana got political asylum in the US?
by Asylee December 11, 2008
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A place where people with no brains go! Okay here's the real definition!
Its often a bigger treatment center that could be bigger and more secured, and way more staffed then "Behavorial Hospitals" In institutions like this! You could Become a patient here if you were committed to be insane or Not suitable For Non-Treatment!
And people in these institutions often have a case of...
Bipolar Disorder
Severe Depression
Self harm

And violent acting out!
Also most institutions can also hold Female patients and male patients in same Rooms And Activities!
People have also been committed in hospitals for!
Cereal killing
Delusional stories
And terrorist attacks
ASYLUMS also have psychotherapy or shock treatment and had straight jackets and padded rooms!
As a matter of fact restraints are beyond scary here they put you in arm belts and give you shots! Plus once your committed here you might get doped up from Dr. SMARTASS Prescriptions! So there you have it! Oh and you might learn something new today!

Asylums no longer exist...
Carter : Don't go to our asylums they are bad plus you don't want to see crazy Joe and meet the doctor!
by Dill Kosh January 11, 2017
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One of two infamous goth music or industrial music clubs around the Philly area. The first one closed over 15 years ago. Completely unrelated to the first but just as relevant in the Philly area is Asylum 13, a weekly event outside the city in Wilmington, DE
Are you going to dance at Asylum tonight?
I got flogged at Asylum last night!
by gdigg13 April 9, 2015
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When you have sex with her while she has her tampon in.
She tried to tell me it was that time of the month, but I was like "dude, let's just do the asylum."
by Dfeltcher April 2, 2011
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The Asylum is a movie studio operating out of Hollywood, California, that specializes in producing low budget, direct-to-dvd pictures similar to SyFy Orginals. Many of these movies tend to be an attempt to capitalize on the success of larger films, using similar names as a marketing tactic. For example Snakes on a Plane becoming Snakes on a Train.

In order to keep with a timely release schedule and turn a profit, the production cycle is typically four months from an idea to the finished product. As a result, a typical Asylum movie features extremely poor acting, CGI made with Adobe After Effects, a script that could be written in the time one spends on the toilet, and very choppy direction. However, these B-films can be a good way to kill an afternoon when you have nothing else to do.
What? Casting a third rate B-movie actor and a washed up Playboy model? That's gotta be a movie by The Asylum.
by Jman457 April 25, 2011
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Third Generation TsGh member. Hits people offline, while his friend FaTaL steals the accounts. True internet thugs.

They stole my 8,000 experience 5 star, do not mess with them.
AsYLuM and FaTaL are bosses.
by Halo Slacker September 4, 2011
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