What is normal? If normal is the similarity in everyone, but if everyone is different, nobody can be normal. Therefore, normal is a term used by those who are controling to change the ideals of others. Normal is an unoffical way of mind control.
I'll never be normal and neither will you!
by MatrixFox March 03, 2006
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normal exists only as a setting on dryers and washing machines, the setting that makes everything fade away and wear out. normal is a really sucky setting.
all my clothes are all so faded because my little cousins are too lazy to set the washing machine themselves and always use the normal setting.............
by TorY July 07, 2004
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Normality is a way to identify with other people in a way that makes the so called "normal" or "common", even average, way of being. This normality is quick to enroot a cynical thought to those who think about what is the true definition of "normal" in these days, and people who stand out in the crowd are starting to define a new kind of normality called "abnormalism" or "freak-show".

Normality was once being an upstanding member of society when now it englobes a whole new spectrum of beings, from tatooed freaks to whiny teenagers, or even the other way around, as being a slacker is now conformity or normality.
Anbormality is normal.

1)John didn't want to use his sneakers to go to work. Instead he applied blonde hair spray and went to his job shirtless and wearing flip-flops.

2)That guy with a lazy eye and a watermelon tied to a chain is very normal for these days.
by ChaoticNeutral February 08, 2011
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Your own unique style.
An absence of a "label".
In people's efforts to "define' themselfes in labels, they fail to see that in doing so, the only "unique" thing left is being normal, as everyone els abandoned it.
by woot ^^ woot ^^ September 11, 2005
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A deception strewn about by society in order to coerce the public into believing they must conform to society's standards so that they, in essence, becomes slaves to the sayings of those, corrupt and in charge, who in turn do not even heed their own advice.
We're a democratic nation. We believe in honesty and integrity, yet our whole economy is glued together by a currency that is backed by the wind, and is privately owned and operated! Normal....yeeeeeaah, right. All our time spent working for paper backed by the wind. That's normal. mmhmm.
by Jah Jah Warrior October 23, 2009
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To have all the qualities of the majority of people in your group, culture, or the world. The common and expected adjectives of a person and there attitude that barely define who they are as an individual.
its normal to be that way (alot of people are), thats normal, there's nothing normal about that (cause its unusual which is an antonym to normal)
by Megan Mc December 05, 2007
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