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The tendency for all human beings to atttempt to belong to a group of people, by any means necessary, in order to feel secure and wanted. Conformity is displayed particularly well by weak-minded individuals who fear loneliness, and when alone feel too afraid to stand up for themselves. Conformity is allowing anything other than your own true desires to influence your decision making. Conformity is what separates the true individuals, who are oppressed and hated, from everybody else.
by Dr. Reedman October 16, 2003
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Conformity is the act of 'blending in with the crowd' or emulating the actions of another individual, group, or belief system. Conformity can be linked to a fear of rejection or the presence of apathy in a person.

For instance, in a school-system, different social sects will conform to a certain style of clothing or behavior in order to fit in with a certain group. Conformity is also a part of conversation. In our daily lives, we will consistently conform to the opinions and ideas of other people. Conforming to the idea of another doesn't necessarily mean agreeing with something they say that you don't believe in, but it can be, and this is where the negative side of conformity comes from.

In conversational conformity, one can sit back and watch while someone they like/befriended is being attacked or even join in. This example of negative conformity is often found in schools and in the workplace. The desire for acceptance drives people to offer negative information about another person in order to fuel their conversational counterpart's drive for drama.

"Isn't that Jenny just a skank?" -Breann
"I know! I've heard so much crap about her. Let me tell you." -Leah

"I'm going to the game tomorrow, but my folks are going to Church. You going to the game?" -Joseph
"Of course, if you're going. I'd just have to skip Church." -Ben

"Isn't that Jenny just a skank?" -Breann
"I like Jenny, and Jenny is my friend." -Leah

"I'm going to the game tomorrow, but my folks are going to Church. You going to the game?" -Joseph
"Nah, man. My parents are making me go to Church, but even if they weren't, I'd still go anyway. I like Church." -Ben
by TheNonconformist June 02, 2012
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The act of conforming; to conform.
Human nature.

/Everyone/ conforms.
Everyone /will /always/ conform.
You, your family, your friends, me, everyone.
by Tk like whoa January 22, 2007
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Something that hipocritical and annoying people run around and bitch about, usually because they are still bitter and pissed off about not fitting in with the majority of their society. Of course, all of their actions are based on the actions of another, since it is impossible to base an action on something you have never seen before. And if you really weren't a conformist, you would create all your own clothes, speak your own personal language, play and listen to only your own music, and invent unique foods to eat. Oh wait, you would still be a conformist, because you would be basing your anti-conformity on the widespread bitching about conformity.
"I hate all you stupid conformists! That's why I shop at Hot Topic!"

Fucking die you self-proclaimed anti-conformist morons.
by The mysterious J January 24, 2004
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To do what everyone else does.

Also a word thrown around by whiny ass teens who r too obsessed with what everyone else is doing and trying to do the opposite to be real. Wich in a funny twist all there whinny ass friends are doing the same thing so theyโ€™re being different by being the same as there little equally sheepish friends. SO DEAR GOD STOP CARING ABOUR IT AND PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP CRYING YOUR MASCARA IS RUNING YOU WHINNY LAME ASS.
there realy isn't any relivant examples besides the people of north Korea other then that the words just being missused by whinny ass teens. The north Korea example doesn't even actualy work because i assume because of the propaganda machine (all news programs) there is guns 2 everyones head.

whinny teen: look at all the conformity everywhere it makes me sick and want to kill my self.

Me: please do you anouying little shit.
by luke neville November 15, 2006
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The idiocy of people who label people based on what they wear how they act and their life goals. They tend to consider themselves better then the opposite of what they label themselves even if everyone is equal.

goths and emo peopel tend to label preps as bitches who think less of goths and emo people and basically everyone else(and call them conformists) when actually preps dont even notice them.
conformity is stupid and by saying you are non confromists u are being conformists .the opposite of conformity is not non comformity its indiffrence to the fact that someone is diffrent then you and hanging out with who you like not just people "like you"
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