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Being unable to intervene in a nasty situation.
It hurts. :(
1:You crashed your car in the swamp, you manage to get out and slowly see it being swallowed by the swamp.
2: You have the power to save humanity and the world and they fail to aknowledge it, you then see them destroying eachother.
welcome the world of powerlessness mon ami
by woot ^^ woot ^^ September 7, 2005
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Your own unique style.
An absence of a "label".
In people's efforts to "define' themselfes in labels, they fail to see that in doing so, the only "unique" thing left is being normal, as everyone els abandoned it.
by woot ^^ woot ^^ September 11, 2005
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That tiny spot on your back, you just can't reach when it itches.
oh you itchy little bastard, I'm gonna scratch my back against a rough wall.
by woot ^^ woot ^^ September 5, 2005
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