You bump into someone you don't like, they clearly want a stop and chat but quick as a flash you say "must go" and start to leave, but they come along too still babbling shit. You're pissed off, you want to hit them, you're in a walk and talk. (Not as cool as it looks on the west wing).
Jim: Saw that tosser Mike today, tried to get me in a stop and chat but i said i had to rush to meet someone.

John: Good thinking.

Jim: yeah but the twat followed me, didn't he. Ended up in a walk and talk.

John: What a cunt.
by dcgate February 2, 2007
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1) Back up or prove what's said with action.
2) Represent words with action.
3) Practice what's preached.
NOTE: Walk the talk is more powerful than walk the walk if you ask me.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant August 18, 2010
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When you call someone on a cellphone while doing errands. Considered the lowest form of telephone communication.
I was gonna kill that bitch when she did a walk-and-talk.
by icedrake523 October 7, 2004
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Talking to someone whilst travelling by foot somewhere.
girl one- "And so anways i wa-"
boy one---"walk n talk it'll be quicker"
by lilbabeeemmalee May 17, 2007
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When someone decides to keep talking to you while they are walking away from you. This is usually frustrating because it becomes increasingly difficult to hear them.
"Is Erik talking to himself?"

"No, he was lecturing me on the history of comic books until he pulled a Walk away-Talk away."
by jfi November 22, 2005
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A term for the interaction between friends who usually just sit around and play ps3 and drink beer, but are now out in the world taking a walk and chatting it up. This walk can be very long (up to 20 miles). There's almost always a "project" with the walk & talk, such as returning books to the library og bying new drum sticks. It's considered the best way to see the areas in your city that you don't usually visit. ...afterwards they probably end up at the apartment drinking, playing ps3...
Dave called me up yesterday asking if I was up for a walk & talk.
by Bo Plantin February 10, 2007
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