Cool,smart and easy to love. Great with all relationships and is a loyal friend. Great hugger and great kisser. She has lots of friends and sometimes people get jealous of her. She's also the greatest at sports or any other physical activities.
I wish i was like 'nor'!
'Nor' is practically the best at sports!
by GirlyGirl000 July 1, 2009
The pronounciation of the word no by the people of bolton
Dad, i said dad, nor!!!
by Rufioooo May 4, 2006
usually used in moldova, come from russian word narcoman, used like an abbreviation
și di nor ești = ce de narcoman/drogat ești
by ionciobanu March 30, 2016
Boolean logic operator that is equivalent to an AND function with all of its input values inverted. It has the following truth table:

X Y | Out
0 0 | 1
0 1 | 0
1 0 | 0
1 1 | 1
x NOR y = (NOT x) AND (NOT y)
by cloudRunner March 23, 2006
Nor is a term for no. It is generally thought of as sarcastic.
Ariana Grande: Do you wanna hear my new song?
Niall Horan: Nor.
by Sexyybeastwithbrains June 26, 2016
Applicable only to Western Australia.
North of the River.
swan river.
by lulzren February 15, 2010
male name used, well never. cool dude. usually likes to wear sum random sunglasses and has one huge ass.

i would like to lick him.
omg look at that weirdass dude with the big butt and them sunglasses.

yeah thats just Nor on his way to the dollar store
by desolis June 15, 2021