noop stands for "No Operation"; it means something that does nothing. It can also be written as "no-op".
1. I had to pad that code with noops.
by UNK April 12, 2005
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An afternoon poop; Commonly taken at the end of a lunch break as a result of food and continuous coffee consumption; Sometimes referred to as an '"afternoop."

Not to be confused with a moop.
You should have seen the massive noop I took today after lunch!
by Jerktart July 28, 2011
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An utterly useless co-worker. This is much worse than clueless as the clueless can often be trained to become cluefull. Also written as 'no-op'.
That marketing puke is such a noop.
by TimC April 6, 2006
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"Noop" is a word used to express the happiness of others.
Person 1: "Wow, Jimmy has big NOOP energy"
Person 2: "I know right?"
by #15BurgerKingFootLettuce February 11, 2020
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How Russian people say "noob", especially in games such as CS:GO and Dota 2
cyka blyat u r noop! pidar rush B no stop idi nahui!
by Eckersley June 15, 2016
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short for no operation, also an insult for someone who does absolutely nothing and is a waste of space and resources.
“Did you know sebastian?”

“Oh yeah, isn’t he that noop in your math class?”
by itty bitty luna November 13, 2018
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when someone tries to get into a conversation or place but is uninvited
'Lemme noop into your conversation'
'Can I noop in line pls'
by gaygwenten August 17, 2019
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