Dan Brown is the author of numerous books, now widely known for his controversial hit The Da Vinci Code, which has been converted into a major motion picture.
Dan Brown was a relatively unknown author until he hit it big with The Da Vinci Code.
by James Johnson May 20, 2006
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In an episode of QI, Stephen Fry described Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code as "Loose stool water, arse gravy of the worst kind."
"Hey bud how was your weekend?"
"Awful! Dan Brown all weekend. I couldn't get more than ten foot from the pan."
by Monster P March 28, 2008
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When you're at a party or elsewhere, some people will try to talk all deep except that most of their knowledge is derived from Dan Brown novels. Easily spotted by frequent illusions to the Illuminati and the Holy Grail. The really clever ones will mix in bullshit they read on the Internet.
PERSON 1: I think Camus' "The Stranger" is one of the best illustrations of one's struggle with the absurd.

PERSON 2: Uh, yeah, and the Catholic church is trying to cover up Jesus' bloodline!

PERSON 1: Nice Dan Brown philosophy you've got there.
by Lairor April 21, 2006
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To take anothers idea and use it for ones own personal or financial gain.
As with Dan Brown ripping his Da Vinci Code book from the book the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, many names and references translating identically.
"It was my idea to improve our sales targets but that little shit decided to do a Dan Brown and now he's got all the glory."
by DeadlyDazza March 22, 2007
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