The phonetic spelling of the way most people pronounced the then politically correct word NEGRO, and since they were used to calling Black people "nigger" for centuries, it was hard to take the "nigger" out of "Negro" when speaking
I don't mind the Nigros going to the same school as my children, just as long as they don't date my daughters.
by EminemsRevenge September 26, 2006
what my mom called me after i refused to cut my hair
ya mazin ya5i cut ur hair shaklak nigro amriki
by daddymazin February 2, 2020
1.) A member of the black race, usually in reference to a slave or one of exile, predominately found in the Southern regions of America 1500-1900's

2.) One of having a condescending attitude towards a race; usually caucasians.
Hey what the heck is wrong with all these modern day nigroes?

I'd rather be a nigroe any day rather than a wetback or honky!
by B.B.C.Brunson June 23, 2018
Tassle adorned man fond of large brown Mexipinos.
Look at Nigro's tassle go, Gabe!
by Alan Clitton January 20, 2007

(1) Someone that does not wish to be sexually identified as make or female.
(2) proper suffix for someone that does not want sir, ma'am, Mr or Mrs.
A that has changed definition in 2021 to help avoid racial hate towards the blacks.
1. Your change is $1.35, have a good day Nigro.
2. That Nigro really needs to figure out what it wants to be.
by Dmnfrmhvn March 2, 2021
When youre dad shits on youre cats back.
Dad why did you shit on sinngles back? Now thats a Das Nigro
by FatDadsPoopTail October 11, 2019
- A bike used in mexico for 100 years later to be spray painted black in Canada.

- Also one of the three holy unity's between Blacks and Mexicans. El Nigro, Fried Chicken and Stealing cars.
"Random Black : Woa shit nig did dat chicken head just hop up all ova el nigro? Random Mexican : Mang, grande burrito el nigro!"
by Anthony June 5, 2006