After a good night of drinking your penis is enable to become fully erected and therefore you are not able to penatrate the vagina. "noodlin"
I drink so much last night my penis became a noodle and I couldn't get it in. "noodlin'"
by Harry "pinball" Carry March 04, 2012
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Idle internet-surfing, game-playing or practicing of a casual hobby--what someone does when they are done with or avoiding work. Temporary busywork or diversions. Can be used as a descriptor, and a verb.
"Yeah, I finishing my work, I think I'm just going to spend my time noodlin' now."

"I'm such a procrastinator. I spent my time noodlin' instead of writing the paper."
by mrayb October 16, 2009
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a southern redneck sport involving shoving your hand in a catfish nest underwater hoping it will bite your hand. after the fish bites your hand you grab it's jawbone and pull it out.
by JKMK August 09, 2010
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